Mild Chemical Peel

If the word ‘peel’ conjures up scary images of raw, red, ‘angry’ skin, here’s good news – thanks to technological advances, your skin won’t be actually ‘peeled’ off. A gentle solution is simply applied to painlessly dissolve dead skin and renew your complexion. Here are 10 reason we love the new Jet Peel!


As we age, cell turnover slows down. Peels rev up cell turnover for dramatic skin rejuvenation.


Dead cells also cause your skin to look dull and tired, no matter how many hours of sleep you’ve clocked. By removing dead cells, peels reveal healthy skin and true inner radiance.


Peels send a message to your skin to increase collagen production. This fills out wrinkles, fine lines and pores around your eyes, mouth, cheeks, nose and forehead.


It not only reverses sun damage, but even lightens sun spots, age spots and hyper-pigmentation gradually.


When skin turnover slows down, oil and debris can contribute to blackheads. Peels lift debris, accelerate skin turnover and regulate sebum production to unclog pores.


Besides clearing out clogged pores, many chemical peels also have anti-bacterial properties to keep blemishes at bay.


Even mild acne scars can be lightened after a few sessions.


Your skin will appear smoother, softer and suppler, and makeup will glide on effortlessly and stay put for longer.


No matter what daily skincare staples you swear by, peels will soften skin, enhance the absorption of skincare products and give you more bang for your buck.


The best part is, you can renew your skin in the same amount of time it takes to woof down a chicken sandwich. You’ll be in and out of the treatment room in 30 minutes.

Jet Revitalizing Facial

One of the most relaxing treatments because it stimulates the 15 facial acupoints. – Miss Li

Too much work and too little sleep? Our new handwork-driven treatment, the Jet Revitalizing Facial, will help relieve stress and turn your skin around in 45 minutes flat.


A microcurrent machine and chemical peel lift off dullness, wake up cells and soothe skin with antioxidants.


15 meridian points are stimulated via an indulging face massage. This not only relieves stress from work, it also reduces water retention, and revs up the production of elastin and collagen for a facelift!


Marine ingredients from the massage cream infuse skin with moisture. And a cucumber mask cools, calms and restores skin sublimely.

Post-Party Skin Rescue

A packed social calendar is fabulous for the holiday season but not so good for the skin. Parties and entertaining can stress it out, leaving it looking tired, sallow and puffy.

Give after-party skin that extra SOS attention with these 3 tips!


1. Get Rid of Toxins

The most crucial step after partying is to remove toxins, which accumulate in your body when the liver is loaded up heavily with alcohol and rich foods. These toxins will be expelled through your skin, giving you a tired, pallid complexion, a puffy face, and breakouts.

The solution? The Jet Facial – an ultra-cooling treatment which exfoliates, tones and brightens by blasting skin-saving, detoxifying oxygen and saline at supersonic speed onto the face. This painless facial also promotes lymphatic drainage, which will eliminate that puffy, after-party look.


Jet Clear Range2. Fight Breakouts

Pimples are a main post-party woe for many. Stick to a back-to-basics skincare routine and gentle antiseptic products that will help clear skin without stressing it out – like our Jet Clear range!


3. Regenerate Skin

After giving skin a good detox, a jolt into regeneration will help bring back that pre-party glow!

Jet Cell Restore - LED Light Therapy TreatmentThe Jet Cell Restore treatment helps rejuvenate, repair and restore skin using state-of-the-art LED lamps. This treatment powers the skin cells, stimulates collagen production and creates a healthy skin matrix.

The Cell Restore offers 3 different LED lights to target different cellular functions – red light to fuel cells, blue light to kill bacteria, thus reducing acne, and infrared light to heal wounds and reduce inflammation.

The best part about this treatment? Skin continues to be rejuvenated, even days after the treatment!