Instant Results, Newly-Transformed Skin


Like the rest of our pure treatments, the Jet Pure Peptide uses a contactless delivery system to infuse active ingredients into our skin. Think hexapeptides, copper tripeptide, arginine, and many more.

The Jet Pure Peptide treatment begins with lymphatic drainage before light energy is used to exfoliate skin and awaken cells. Skin is now flushed, brightened and prepped to receive an infusion of pure peptides.

Finely-tuned air-jets then deliver pure hexapeptides, copper tripeptides 
and arginine directly into skin to smooth out wrinkles and provide anti-aging protection. The actives are then sealed into skin with a cold mask.

Smooth out wrinkles? Check!
Provide anti-aging protection? Check!
Newly transformed skin? Check, check, check!


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