Jet Concepts Jet Cell Lift is the winner of the Best Spot-Busting Facial in Harper's Bazaar Spa Awards 2016. Achieve Dewy Translucence - This facial not only illuminates your skin with vitality, it also smoothens out wrinkles and deeply moisturises your skin to achieve pure, dewy luminosity. Round-The-Clock Repair - By powering up your cells, this facial has long-lasting anti-ageing benefits. Your skin continues to rejuvenate itself even after the facial. Over days and weeks, it dramatically repairs and reverses the key signs of ageing. Fight Environmental Damage - It helps your skin fend off daily damage from ultraviolet rays and pollution, lift off impurities and flush out toxins. Free radical damage is neutralised for a youthful and flawless complexion.
    • Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2015 – Best LED Facial

      Jet Concepts Jet Cell Restore is the winner of the Best LED Facial in Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2015. In the same way the sun provides energy for plants, Jet Concepts provides skin cells with light energy through the powerful Jet Cell Restore. This LED light treatment offers 700 LED bulbs with three different lights to target different cell functions. The red light fuels cells with energy to work, blue light helps in killing bacteria and reducing acne, and infra-red light aids in wound healing and reducing inflammation. After the intense LED light has been shone for 20 minutes, skin continues to repair itself at accelerated speed even days after the treatment!

      Jet Concepts Jet PR3 Facial is the winner of the Best Pick-Me-Up Facial in Style: Best Beauty Treats 2014. Known for its problem-solving approach to skin, Jet Concepts has combined the use of its Jet Stream device and infrared light technology into this quickie facial. The Jet Stream device uses a refreshing stream of high-pressure air to deep cleanse and exfoliate skin without the stress of manual extractions and harsh scrubs. After a generous dose of customised serum applied to your face and neck, a machine shines dual wavelength red and infrared light onto skin for better absorption and to enhance skin regeneration.


      Jet Plasma is the winner of the Best Firming Facial in the Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2014. Beginning with a Plasma Peel, it deep cleanses skin, ridding it of bacteria and impurities. Next, RF energy is applied over a clear gel to stimulate the tightening of skin's support tissues, improving skin elasticity and firmness.


      Jet Facial is the winner of the Most Gentle Deep-Cleansing Facial in Simply Her Smart Shopper Awards 2014. A Jet M machine emits saline and oxygen to cleanse, exfoliate, boost lymphatic drainage and even remove blackheads. You may experience some discomfort when the jet handpiece gets close to your eyes and nose. The handpiece doesn't touch your skin except during extraction. There's also an acupressure massage to boost circulation and relaxation, and our tester happily announced that her skin was radiant for three days after.


      Jet Concepts is a winner in CLEO Clear Skin Awards 2014. GET PARTY-READY WITH ONE TREATMENT If your skin care products don't seem to be effective, it's probably because your skin is clogged, preventing the active ingredients from penetrating deep into it. Another reason is that the concentration of active ingredients isn't high enough to work its magic on your skin. In any case, Jet Concepts' Jet PR3 Facial has your beauty needs covered. It repairs, regenerates, revitalises and protects your skin in just an hour, leaving youthful, clear and luminous skin. ROCKET SCIENCE TREATMENT Not just a regular treatment, the Jet Facial works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and rough skin by cleansing with oxygen and saline at supersonic pressures via a contactless handpiece. It speeds up skin cell renewal, healing and detoxification processes, and thoroughly preps skin to optimal condition, so you get the most out of your skin care products.


      Jet Infra-Red is the winner of the Best Lunchtime Facelift in Bazaar Spa Awards 2014. With lunchtime treatments gaining popularity with busy working women, the race is on to see how much of a quality beauty regimen one can squeeze in during that time. And, especially when it involves a facelift, the stakes are higher. Jet Concepts Jet Infra-Red facelift is the answer to that dilemma. Jet Infra-Red is a truly unique and extremely quick non-invasive facelift that uses Nova Light's Infra-Red technology to reverse the signs of aging. This is done by rebuilding the epidermis and renewing the collagen in the skin, resulting in tighter skin and a healthy glow. The treatment begins with Jet Concepts' signature lymphatic drainage which uses the Jet M machine. The use of this machine results in better circulation than in other lymphatic drainage massages. This is followed by the application of infra-red energy to the skin. By uniformly distributing the heat onto target areas, it stimulates the collagen to contract and helps tighten skin. Lastly, your skin is exposed to a different light wavelength, giving it a healthy glow. What makes Jet Concepts' face lift different is that the results are instantly noticeable. Skin feels firm and looks younger. And as the treatment also boosts collagen production, you can expect to see even more positive results as time goes by.

      Jet Concepts Liquid Laser Serum is a winner in Style: Best Beauty Buys 2013. Just as the name suggests, Jet Concepts' Liquid Laser is a super-powered cream-and-serum duo that work hand-in-hand to tackle a multitude of skin-ageing concerns. Based on the skincare label's PR3 technology (which stands for "protect, repair, regenerate and revitalise"), the Liquid Laser takes pride of place as the cornerstone of Jet Concepts' anti-ageing regimen, thanks to the potent blend of anti-ageing actives. Several peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and apple stem cells protect and repair damage from deep within the skin and its surface, while fermented resveratrol and caviar extract revitalise fatigued cells and boost cellular regeneration. With regular use, deep wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, while saggy, rough and clogged skin are gently and visibly retexturised and firmed. What's more, it perfectly complements your professional laser treatments, too, working hard to maintain its youth-giving results for longer.  

      Jet Concepts Purple Peel is the winner of the Gentlest At-Home Peel in Cosmopolitan Beauty Grand Prix 2012. Easy to use, it leaves skin feeling smoother and clearer. Doesn't cause redness or itching.


      Jet Concepts is the winner of the Most Space-Age Spa in Style: Best Beauty Buys 2012.

      Jet Facial is the winner of the Most Revolutionary Facial in Singapore Women's Weekly Best in Beauty 2011.


      Jet Facial is the winner of the Most Revolutionary Facial in CozyCot Holy Grail Beauty Award 2011.

      Look Sharp Counter lackluster skin with the Jet PR3 Facial. It uses Jet Concept's most potent anti-ageing spa-grade Laser Liquid Essence (the home use-grade Liquid Laser Serum) to optimise self-repair, cell metabolism and boost hydration. The featured Jet Dual Ray (a combination of red and infrared light) also treats skin and boosts product absorption. Also ask for the Jet PR3 Eye Treatment to alleviate decongested eye contours.

      L’OFFICIEL – APRIL 2014

      Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and glowing Jet Concepts' Purple Facial starts with deep cleansing using oxygen and saline gas, then application of Jet Purple Peel, which has salicylic acid, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

      JUICE – APRIL 2014

      FACE THIS With Jet Concepts' latest Jet PR3 Facial, we'll never have to pass up on midweek parties ever again. This new anti-ageing treatment (which only takes an hour!) revitalises skin using active ingredients, like the essence of apple stem cells, active hyaluronic acid, and hexapeptides - resulting in a brighter and more luminous visage. To extend the regenerative effects of the facial, try the brand's Liquid Laser Range, which comprises a serum and cream packed with vitamins C and E, and other skin-loving properties so skin looks and stays energised.

      HER WORLD – APRIL 2014

      SPRUCE UP YOUR SKIN Many of us have experienced this: We notice great results from using a skincare routine for a few months, and then the results seem to reach a plateau. One possible reason: Our pores are clogged with sebum, making it harder for active ingredients to penetrate deep into our skin. The solution? Go for a deep-cleansing facial every two to three months. The new Jet PR3 Facial by Jet Concepts is a great pick because it targets clogged pores as well as signs of ageing. The facial starts off with deep cleansing, using a machine that sucks sebum, dirt and dead skin cells out of pores. Then, Jet Concepts' anti-ageing and hydrating Liquid Laser Essence and a dual-wavelength light are used to nourish and repair skin. According to Jet Concepts, the machine that delivers the dual-wavelength light is the first of its kind in Singapore. It releases red and infrared light simultaneously to stimulate skin cells while repairing skin and reducing inflammation. The light also supposedly helps skin absorb the Liquid Laser Essence, which is massaged onto skin before the machine is used. The 60-minute facial ends with a rejuvenating acupressure massage. The bonus: The procedure is relatively painless and has no downtime.

      MYPAPER – 11 APRIL 2014

      请肌肤 ‘吃’ 鱼子酱 Jet Concepts 推出的“激光”护肤产品,包括精华素 (Liquid Laser Serum) 和乳霜 (Liquid Laser Cream), 据说抗老效果可媲美激光美肤疗程。 产品含有可强化表皮功能鱼子酱等奢华级成分,还有维生素C和E等可对抗自由基的抗氧化剂。此外,产品所含异硫氧酸 (Isothiocyanate) 可排毒,也含有其他可防止胶原蛋白 “硬化” 的有效成分。 产品内的苹果干细胞成分修复肌肤、活性玻尿酸则为肌肤保湿,而抗皱六胜肽 (hexapeptides) 则能促进细胞新陈代谢与合成。

      LIANHE WANBAO – 7 APRIL 2014

      请肌肤 ‘吃’ 鱼子酱 Jet Concepts 推出的“激光”护肤产品,包括精华素 (Liquid Laser Serum) 和乳霜 (Liquid Laser Cream), 据说抗老效果可媲美激光美肤疗程。 产品含有可强化表皮功能鱼子酱等奢华级成分,还有维生素C和E等可对抗自由基的抗氧化剂。此外,产品所含异硫氧酸 (Isothiocyanate) 可排毒,也含有其他可防止胶原蛋白 “硬化” 的有效成分。 产品内的苹果干细胞成分修复肌肤、活性玻尿酸则为肌肤保湿,而抗皱六胜肽 (hexapeptides) 则能促进细胞新陈代谢与合成。

      WEEKENDER – 21 MARCH 2014

      Jet Concepts' new Liquid Laser Serum and Cream counters the detriments of skin ageing with caviar and other high-grade ingredients. The laser serum contains vitamin C and E and hyaluronic acid to protect and repair the skin while the laser cream with peptides and fermented resveratrol to revitalise the skin.

      WEEKEND IN – MARCH 2014

      A Singapore-grown brand, Jet Concepts' specially formulated Liquid Laser Serum and Liquid Laser Cream contain more than 70 ingredients including caviar, apple stem cells, hexapeptides, active hyaluronic acid, fermented resveratrol and more. The Jet Liquid Laser was created with four basic requirements - protect, repair, regenerate and revitalise (PR3 Technology) - to effectively reduce the detriments of skin ageing. Also known as the cornerstones of all Jet Concepts anti-ageing products, they battle wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, rough and clogged skin fervently to reverse the hands of time. The results? Visibly luminous smooth and tight skin that is free of fine lines and wrinkles! PROTECT Protection from cell death and fine lines and wrinkles using peptides and antioxidants REPAIR Repairs skin that is dehydrated and can no longer function using hyaluronic acid, apple stem cells and hexapeptides REGENERATE Boosts skin's rebuilding function with peptides and fermented resveratrol REVITALISE Injects life into skin with caviar Liquid Laser Serum: To protect and repair the skin Liquid Laser Cream: To regenerate and revitalise your skin

      L’OFFICIEL – MARCH 2014

      Hydration Pack - Treatments to get your skin healthy and hydrated. Jet Concepts Jet PR3 Facial involves deep cleansing and application of a hyaluronic-enriched serum, with an infrared and red light treatment to enhance absorption of the serum.

      AFFLUENT – MARCH 2014

      LUXURIOUS POTIONS Jet Concepts' newest and most premium range, Liquid Laser, contains over 70 active ingredients. The Serum protects and repairs with antioxidants and skin healing agents, while the Cream regenerates and revitalises with peptides and caviar to boost collagen production and strengthen the epidermis.

      SIMPLY HER – MARCH 2014

      Jet Concepts Rejuvenating Peptide Mask is a bio-cellulose mask that contains a firming peptide and hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturise, and instantly plump up lines.


      LUNCHTIME BEAUTY BOOST The new Jet PR3 Facial at Jet Concepts centre is touted to protect, repair and regenerate the skin. The treatment offers thorough cleansing with the Jet Stream device, which works to clear sebum, dead skin cells and dirt from within the pores. The brand's own Liquid Laser is then applied to the skin, followed by a treatment with the infrared Jet Dual Light laser. Results can last up to a month.

      ICON – MARCH 2014

      午餐时间变美丽 愈来愈多生活忙碌的城市人,爱趁着午休时间做美容,为肌肤注入新生活。向来以先进医美仪器为人称道的本地美容院 Jet Concepts, 推出全新抗老美颜疗程 Jet PR3, 让顾客在仅仅一顿午餐的一小时里,体味心灵宁静享受悠闲之余,也让脸部肌肤找回光彩。美容师用来自以色列的深层喷射清理仪器,以高气压方式将护理盐水分裂称细幼分子,深层洁净毛孔,再使用独家引进本地的双波光线科技,同时在皮肤上照射红灯及红外线,修复及美容效果格外显著。

      EZYHEALTH – MARCH 2014

      Boosted with higher levels of vitamin C and E, isothiocyanate, caronosine and silymarin, apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid and hexapeptides, the Jet Liquid Laser Serum intensely protects and repairs skin.

      NUYOU – FEBRUARY 2014

      主张利用 “喷射仪” 洁脸,深层导入精华是它们的护理特点。全新的 Jet PR3 Facial 脸部护理,更是全面帮助Protect护理、Repair修护、Regenerate重生、Revitalise活化。 它能令严重堵塞的肌肤毛孔重新“顺畅”,更好地吸收具有苹果干细胞、鱼子酱等的 Liquid Laser Essence 精华。配合使用的双重光能更能加强刺激细胞活化,充分得到 Liquid Laser Essence 的高活性养分。护理后,肌肤不只水润白嫩,还有种难得的健康透亮。


      Jet PR3 Facial starts with a Jet Stream powered deep cleanse, which left every single pore on my face free of sebum, dead skin cells and dirt. An application of Jet Concepts' very own Liquid Laser Essence, which contains apple stem cells, hyaluronic acid and caviar (yes, caviar!) followed. And to finish off, a dual wavelength light was blasted on my face to stimulate absorption of all that goodness. This treatment is straightforward, fuss-free and so quick; perfect as an express lunchtime perk-me-up.

      U-WEEKLY – 17 FEBRUARY 2014

      一小时护肤焕彩 美容中心 Jet Concepts 所研发的脸部护理配套 Jet PR3 Facial 能让你在1小时内拥有晶莹剔透,焕发光彩的肌肤。 该项护理采用从以色列和美国引进的高科技设备,是新加坡首间采用双波长光治疗的美容中心。 除了能深入肌肤表面为你清洗肌肤,让肌肤有效吸收营养成分之外,也提供眼部、颈部护理Liquid Laser 护肤系列。


      Power Lifters - Best for creating contours Boost skin's collagen and moisture levels for more resilient skin with Jet Concepts Liquid Laser Serum.


      Look Good Nude - Total Beauty The new Jet PR3 facial's name is derived from its goals to protect, repair, regenerate and revitalise the skin. It consists of cleansing the skin with a Jet Stream device that is supposed to clear sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. After that, a dual wavelength light treatment is applied using both red and infrared light to stimulate cell turnover. The therapist started by cleansing my face with both a liquid and foam cleanser. She then applied the same handheld Jet Stream device, which uses fine streams of water to deep cleanse the skin and remove dirt. The water was sucked up into an attached tube so it did not leave my face wet. The sensation was like a slight pinching, but most people would find it tolerable, pain-wise. In some areas, like around the nose, it even felt satisfying - like I got to scratch the area hard without hurting my skin. When that was done, the therapist used the handheld dual wavelength device to brush the skin three or four times over each area. I felt barely anything though I could see a red light through closed eyelids. The therapist explained that the red wavelength activates cell turnover while the infrared light is said to promote healing, and increase anti-inflammatory properties in the skin. The treatment was finished with the application of an anti-ageing essence, serum and cream that include active ingredients such as apple stem cells, hexapeptides and caviar. The dual wavelength treatment is also supposed to improve absorption of the serum and cream. My face felt clean and glowing afterwards, with no signs of redness. The treatment - which includes effects such as brightening, smoothing and sharpening - is recommended about once a month for those with mature skin. Clear skin is always desirable and thanks to this treatment, my skin felt very clean and caressable as well. - Leslie Kay Lim

      FEMALE – FEBRUARY 2014

      Jet PR3 Facial For: Deep cleansing and brightening How: This hour-long treatment starts with a 30-minute cleansing process similar to microdermabrasion, but instead of crystals, diamond flakes or tiny rough grains, high-pressure jets of water are used to clear dead cells, sebum and pores. Then, a watery Liquid Laser Serum, said to be rich in antioxidants, is massaged in. As a final step, a machine that emits both red and infrared light is placed over my face for about 15 minutes to stimulate cell renewal and reduce inflammation. Verdict: My complexion is noticeably fairer, like how skin tone is one shade lighter after a wax. I didn't have breakouts for almost a month, too.

      U-WEEKLY – 3 FEBRUARY 2014

      鱼子酱高效美容 鱼子酱只能吃?不!它也能提炼为高效护肤品。 Jet Concepts 美容中心推出新配方的精华液 Liquid Laser Serum 及 Liquid Laser Cream 乳霜,便是采用70多种包括鱼子酱及其他高端成分研制的护肤品,可以达到保护、修复、再生和振兴肌肤细胞的功效。

      STYLE – JANUARY 2014

      POWER FACIAL Finally, we have found the gem of all anti-ageing facials, and it gets the job done in just an hour! The Jet PR3 Facial pairs the brand's Liquid Laser Essence with not one, but two high-tech machines - the Jet Stream and Jet Dual Ray. Firstly, Jet Stream, a mini-vacuum for the skin that thoroughly draws out impurities and excess sebum, is used. Next, the potent Liquid Laser Essence is applied and coaxed into the skin with the Jet Dual Ray. The machine flashes infra-red energy onto skin to boost absorption and regeneration. After the treatment, our skin felt instantly tighter and firmer, and upon close inspection, revealed a brighter and smoother complexion. We needed no more than a few dabs of concealer when heading out to dinner after the facial.

      ELLE – JANUARY 2014

      Jet Setter Tried every skincare product imaginable with no results? Jet Concepts combines state-of-the-art technology with spa-grade products to combat skin ageing. Its Jet PR3 Facial utilises a light that instantly rejuvenates skin, heals cells and fights inflammation. The facial is then completed with a refreshing acupressure massage. The Liquid Laser Serum and Cream are complementary take-home products that contain five crème de la crème active ingredients.


      Come here for a whole range of treatments - there's even a facial for your hands. Jet Plasma uses radiofrequency technology to re-energise and firm up the skin.


      Taut and Tight You swear by Botox and Thermage and love what it does for your skin. You're looking for more. These cosmetic saviours serve as brilliant alternatives or necessary sidekicks to lift that sagging jawline or redefine facial contours. Caviar is legendary for producing collagen at a faster rate, and is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids for an immediate skin tightening... Jet Concepts' Liquid Laser Serum is chock full of hexapeptites which works on the same collagen concept for firmer skin.
    • MY PAPER – 12 DECEMBER 2013

      趁早护理 漂亮迎圣诞节 圣诞和新年即将到来,除了忙购买礼物和准备圣诞聚会派对,爱美的女性们纷纷忙着到美容院、理发院去打理门面。 其实,美容是日常功课,不应留到最后一分钟,做一次脸部护理毛孔不会立即缩小,塑身也需要时间才能拥有理想三围。然而,现在美容科技发达,不但缩短修复期 (down time),效果也能在更短时间内见效。 本地连锁美容院 Jet Concepts 向来以先进的医美仪器见称,新推出的 Jet PR3 脸部护理就运用了以色列的深层喷射清理仪器,以高气压方式来护理盐水分裂成细幼分子,深层洁净毛孔。另外,还运用独家双波光线科技,同时在皮肤上照射红光及红外线 (infrared light) ,修复及美容效果显著。 院长郑诗韵说:“双波光线科技让该疗程的主角,液状镭射精华能更好地渗入皮肤,加强活性成分的吸收力。疗程后,皮色提亮紧实,仿佛去做了镭射护理。


      圣诞节前美容 - 别等到最后一分钟 圣诞和新年即将到来,除了忙购买礼物和准备圣诞聚会派对,爱美的女性们纷纷忙着到美容院、理发院去打理门面。 其实,美容是日常功课,不应留到最后一分钟,做一次脸部护理毛孔不会立即缩小,塑身也需要时间才能拥有理想三围。然而,现在美容科技发达,不但缩短修复期 (down time),效果也能在更短时间内见效。 本地连锁美容院 Jet Concepts 向来以先进的医美仪器见称,新推出的 Jet PR3 脸部护理就运用了以色列的深层喷射清理仪器,以高气压方式来护理盐水分裂成细幼分子,深层洁净毛孔。另外,还运用独家双波光线科技,同时在皮肤上照射红光及红外线 (infrared light) ,修复及美容效果显著。 院长郑诗韵说:“双波光线科技让该疗程的主角,液状镭射精华能更好地渗入皮肤,加强活性成分的吸收力。疗程后,皮色提亮紧实,仿佛去做了镭射护理。”


      Glamour Glow - Partied-Out Skin To bring an instant luminous glow to your complexion, try the 60-minute Jet PR3 Facial. The skin is first deep-cleansed using the Jet Stream device, which allows optimum penetration of the Liquid Laser Essence - a spa-grade skincare concentrate chockfull of precious anti-ageing ingredients like apple stem cells and caviar. It's followed by a dual wavelength light treatment that uses infrared light to reduce inflammation and red light to rejuvenate skin cells. Skin immediately looks firmer and more radiant, and the results improve over the following week.


      An Apple A Day Home-grown beauty chain Jet Concepts has released its highest-end skincare range yet. The Liquid Laser Serum and Cream are packed with over 70 active ingredients to protect, repair, regenerate and revitalise the skin. They include apple stem cell extract to speed skin healing, resveratrol to boost collagen levels and caviar to strengthen the epidermis. Gladys Cheng, CEO and founder of Jet Concepts, says this range was created based on a "wishlist" of ingredients she had come up with. The products have been formulated to ensure that the ingredients remain efficacious, she says. She recommends using the serum in the day, and both serum and cream at night.
    • I-WEEKLY – 12 APRIL 2012

      Botox-in-a-sheet。单看宣传稿上这样的形容词,就让人跃跃一试。号称效果跟注射Botox一样神奇惊人的面膜,内含Argireline抗皱精华液,可抑制肌肉收缩,达到减少皱纹功效。 产品内容说明毕竟太繁杂,我们更想知道的其实是:30分钟内真的能见效? 比一般纤维面膜厚的白色gel面膜,敷上5分钟后,脸部有如被小蚂蚁咬的刺辣感觉,或许是 “肌肉收缩” 成分开始发挥功效了。试用成功:肌肤细致幼滑,像是补满了水,马上看出不同。前天熬了通宵一夜的i, 今天多亏它,找回自我良好感觉了。

      HER WORLD – APRIL 2012

      Fairer in an hour Found: Quickie brightening treatments that fit into your lunch hour. Brightening Plus Anti-Ageing - Jet Plasma "A plasma radiofrequency machine's handpiece first emitted plasma energy to zap away bacteria and dead skin; it felt like a metal rod rubbing over skin. Next, a serum was applied on skin and the machine was set to radiofrequency mode. The therapist then used the handpiece to massage on the serum to firm skin, and shone yellow light energy on my face to promote rejuvenation. My skin was radiant and fine lines were smoothed away." - MC


      This mask claims to be Botox-in-a sheet because it contains argireline, a peptide known as a topical Botox alternative which relaxes muscles and reduces fine lines. It also contains hyaluronic acid, a humectant which absorbs and binds to water molecules, and is effective in hydrating the skin.

      The Jet Purple Facial combines the Jet Purple Peel with Jet Concept's signature Jet Facial treatment to make your skin even more beautiful and radiant. The Purple Peel is made from purple orchid extract that has bio-protective properties that inhibit the disintegration of the skin's matrix. It also has Polysaccharides to soothe the skin and smooth fine lines, while polyphenols slow down the process of aging. According to Jet Concepts, regular use will result in the stimulation of collagen, brighter skin, an even skin tone, and less wrinkles. Rating: 4/5 "If you're looking to get a radiant glow with a facial, this might be the one for you. My glow was achieved painlessly and lasted for a week. My skin was first given a deep cleanse and light exfoliation with the Jet M Machine. The best part? The machine never touched my face. The machine was designed by a rocket scientist and it uses oxygen and saline in a gaseous form that works at supersonic speed to deep cleanse your skin. All you'll feel is cool and moist sensation on the area of skin that the therapist is working on. My skin felt refreshed instantly. Next, the therapist applies a thin layer of the Jet Purple Peel to further exfoliate dead skin cells and to help jumpstart your skin renewal process. I was warned that I might feel some tingling but I didn't. For the finishing touch, a mask chosen based on your skin needs will be applied. I enjoyed a very soothing and cooling cucumber mask which energised and calmed my skin at the same time. In a short 45 minutes, my skin was visibly more radiant.
      For the full review: http://www.herworldplus.com/beauty/tried-tested/beauty-tried-tested-jet-concept’s-jet-purple-facial

      I-WEEKLY – 11 AUGUST 2011

      高科技拯救肌肤 如今,美容院个个争相走在科技尖端。 本地美容院Jet Concepts引入俄罗斯火箭科学家研发出的特别仪器,通过氧气高气压法将护理盐水(saline)分裂成细幼分子,深层洁净脸部毛孔。 然后,再敷上一薄层含有胡姬花精华的紫色换肤素,祛除表面死皮,同时将对肌肤有害的自由基带走。 戴上耳塞后,疗程开始,玻璃管子在隔着肌肤1公分的距离“游走”,气体直接打在脸部,冰冰凉凉的,感觉奇特。 设备简单的疗程室,不走华丽路线,卖点在于运用的高科技术。无须忍受让人疼痛的黑头挤压过程,一次疗程后看到效果。


      胡姬面膜 胡姬花除了是新加坡国花,也具美容效果。Jet Concepts推出美容界的 "Singapore Sling", 即独特的紫胡姬花的美容面膜护理系列。除了到店里 “做脸”,也能在家中自行护理。 Jet Purple Peel 能去除死皮,保湿增加水分,所含的多酚 (polyphenols) 有助抗氧化,使皮肤嫩滑。每周使用一次,抹待15分钟,然后洗净。

      HER WORLD – AUGUST 2011

      Shiok Singapore Facials - The Purple Facial BEST BITS: "I enjoyed a 10-minute blast with Jet-M, a machine that emits jets of oxygen through a pen-like handpiece. It felt cooling and helped to exfoliate, improve lymphatic drainage and help skincare products penetrate deeper into skin. My skin was well cleansed and became smoother and more radiant. Next, a purple peel made with purple orchids (said to be rich in antioxidants) was applied for 15 minutes. When it was wiped off, my complexion was visibly brighter and colleagues commented that my skin glowed - even two days after." - Melissa Chew, senior beauty writer

      CLEO – AUGUST 2011

      Jet Concepts 45-minute Purple Facial - The purple orchid extract, a powerful free radical fighter, works with their Jet M machine that uses oxygen and saline in a gaseous form at supersonic speed to deep cleanse and lightly exfoliate. Jet Purple Peel with  the same purple orchid extract is applied to further exfoliate dead skin cells and jumpstart your skin's renewal process. An invigorating acupressure massage follows before the application of a mask. Your skin will be renewed and glow ethereally for the next few weeks.

      STYLE – AUGUST 2011

      Purple A-peel Jet Concept's Purple Facial not only revives tired skin with a blast of oxygen, it also sloughs off dead skin with the exfoliating Jet Purple Peel (a botanical extract of the purple orchid) for a fresh-faced glow.


      Using rocket science to provide for quality skincare, the salon brings the latest technology at affordable prices , like the Jet-M machine, which uses water jet pressure to deliver active ingredients to your skin. The facial cleans skin without physical contact - great for acne-sufferers and those with sensitive skin!

      MOTHER & BABY – AUGUST 2011

      ready, jet set, go! Get radiant skin instantly with Jet Concepts' star facial for tired, dull and dehydrated skin. The Jet PureHyal delivers pure hyaluronic acid to skin at supersonic speeds using the Jet-M machine - invented by a Russian rocket scientist! First, the machine cleans skin and boosts circulation. Next, a soft peel using a plasma light energy machine exfoliates and preps skin to receive the super-moisturising nutrient, delivered to you via special jets. There's a little discomfort as the machines do their work, but it's nothing compared to a hyaluronic acid injection. A soothing cold mask ends your treatment.

      ELLE – AUGUST 2011

      Glow with local beauty brand Jet Concepts' all-new skincare treatments with purple orchid extract that combat the effects of ageing.

      STYLE – JULY 2011

      Oxygen Therapy While some Hollywood A-listers insist on oxygen tanks in their homes, there's a simpler way to detoxify our skin from urban pollutants. Jet Concepts' Jet Facial blasts oxygen at supersonic speeds for brighter, revitalised skin.

      LIFESTYLE – JULY 2011

      Facials' New Frontier Gone are the days when facials were simply done with the hands. The Jet Concepts special feature lies in the Jet-M machine, created by a Russian rocket scientist. Therapists undergo several months of training before they can operate the device on patrons. Their latest treatment, the Jet PureHyal facial works wonders for a dull complexion. Firstly, pressurised gas and oxygen is emitted through the Jet-M hand-piece to cleanse my face. Imagine a cool mist of air on your skin. My therapist first worked on my left profile, moving the hand-piece upwards from my chin for a lifted and sculpted effect. This was followed by the jet lymph drainage and plasma light energy. Once that is done, I noticed my skin looked brighter. She repeated the same on my right. I was then given a neck and shoulder massage with a calm-inducing scented oil. Next she used the Jet-M machine infused with PureHyal or hyaluronic acid. Only then did I feel a slight tingling sensation as the acid molecules penetrate deeper through the epidermis thanks to the supersonic speed of the jet. Lastly, a cold mask seals in the PureHyal. By the end of the session, my skin was supple and looked clearer. Later, makeup went on smoothly. I actually felt refreshed and the results were pleasing indeed.

      THE EDGE – APRIL 2011

      Whoever said the aesthetics industry was not rocket science has obviously not tried the signature Jet Facial at Jet Concepts. It involves the use of a Jet-M machine, a patented device developed by a Russian rocket scientist and approved by the US' Food and Drug Administration in 2006 for the purposes of wound cleansing. Through a specially developed handpiece, pressurised gas is used to deliver saline and other liquid nutrients to the outermost layer of skin. The result is an acceleration of the body's cell renewal, wound healing and detoxification processes. I'm ushered into a private room for the hour-long procedure. After a simple facial cleansing, the therapist informs me she'll perform the treatment on one half of my face, so that the results can be compared with the other half. Saline and oxygen will infiltrate my epidermis, she declares, helping to unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage. The sensation of having cool air and moisture blast my face in controlled strokes is a little strange at first, but not entirely uncomfortable. After a half-hour, she holds up a mirror and explains the changes: My previous dull complexion is visibly brighter and fairer (thanks to the exfoliation) and my jawline more taut (a lifting effect skin to collagen boost). Pleased with the results, I ask her to complete the other half, lest I walk out of there looking two-faced.


      Jet Concepts White Hydrator "A perfect day moisturiser, this has a wonderfully light texture and keeps my face fresh and beautifully shine-free all day. I like that this contains two forms of vitamin C. One is fast-penetrating, the other releases slowly throughout the day, brightening skin continually." - Diana Ong, co-founder of The PR People, and a former beauty editor

      SIMPLY HER – APRIL 2011

      LOOK YOUNGER ... In An Hour Get An Oxygen Facial The latest trend in non-invasive facials uses pressurised oxygen to deliver nutrients deep into skin. While the air pressure removes dead skin cells, oxygen stimulates collagen production to tighten skin, so you'll leave the salon with visibly tauter, lifted skin. Jet Concepts: Their Jet Pure Hyal facial "injects" hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of your skin to plump it up and hydrate it from within.

      NUYOU – APRIL 2011

      出门时会携带 Jet Concepts Calming Antioxidant Mist 以不时舒缓紧张的皮肤。 特含铜胜钛,可迅速修复皮肤血管,达到细胞更新和抗炎作用。用后的皮肤倍感舒缓和保湿。

      L’OFFICIEL – APRIL 2011

      Designed for at-home use, Jet Concepts Purple Peel rejuvenates skin with the purple orchid, a natural antioxidant. Gentler than conventional peels, it hydrates skin with amino acids and minerals and exfoliates with glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Best used a day or two before that important dinner.

      ELLE – APRIL 2011

      A high-performance facial, it uses a Jet Lymph Drainage machine to boost blood circulation - this feels like a vacuum cleaner on your skin. Calibrated air jets then deliver Pure Hyal (to brighten and moisturise) deep into your skin, and finally a cold mask seals in all the nutrients. Skin was softer to the touch, visibly lifted and brightened.

      AMICA No. 23 – APRIL / MAY 2011

      Get rid of irksome spots with Jet Concepts' Spot White. The star product of their whitening range Jet White, Spot White, is a concentrated serum formulated to target pigmentation. It has double the whitening dosage than the rest of the Jet White range. It has two forms of Vitamin C, with one rapidly penetrating the skin and the other to suppress melanin synthesis all-day long. Licorice extract inhibits UVB-induced pigmentation, while antioxidant gluthathione will help to brighten spots.

      CLEO – APRIL 2011

      Must-Try Treatment - Jet Pure Hyal Does it feel like you're in a high-tech torture chamber every time you go for a facial with a fancy machine? Well, this one here blocks out all that terrible noise with a pair of earplugs. The Jet-M machine uses supersonic, pressurised gas to perform a number of procedures like exfoliation and extraction. Hyaluronic acid - the IT moisturising ingredient - is fed to your skin using a needle-free method. The result? Softer, brighter and cleaner skin with a more zen mind.

      SIMPLY HER – MARCH 2011

      A whitening facial can do wonders. Jet Pure C - In this 60-minute treatment, the needle-less Jet-M machine uses air pressure to deliver pure vitamin C right into the dermal layer of skin. This gives skin an instantly brighter, more youthful-looking appearance.

      NUYOU – MARCH 2011

      产后脸上才长斑,所以平日没有化妆时,我会全天补用防晒霜做足预防。有空的话,每星期我会到 Jet Concepts 美容中心做不同护理,如 Jet Glow 或 IPL 等,使皮肤散发年轻光泽。 -  Low Jyue Huey,化妆师

      SHAPE – MARCH 2011

      THE FACIAL: Jet Pure Hyal WHAT: Developed by a Russian rocket scientist, the air-jet facial machine uses pressurised gas to deliver active ingredients into the skin at supersonic speeds. This facial infuses hyaluronic acid, a natural tissue-repair fluid that diminishes with age, into the skin. BEST FOR: Dull, sagging skin. WOW FACTOR: Skin feels more supple and firm after the treatment. OW FACTOR: Expect a tingling sensation during the infusion - it's caused by the penetration of the acid molecules through the outer layers of skin.

      NUYOU – MARCH 2011

      想和你一起吹吹风 护理新贵 Jet Concepts 利用航空科技而研发的脸部护理仪器,为顾客做祛除死皮细胞和深层渗透皮肤精华素的脸部护理 Jet Facial。 Uni-sex 概念的 Jet Concepts 室内装潢和产品设计等都很中性,不会让男性顾客觉得别扭。 脸部护理的过程感觉就像被冷风吹,很清凉。这股从悬在离肌肤至少20cm距离的一排针头吹出来的冷风,“吹”去肌肤表面死皮细胞,让肌肤恢复柔滑,也令肌肤更易吸收护肤品。 由于我选的是 Jet Hyal 脸部护理,加入透明质酸等高效护肤元素,所以有小小刺痛。 做完脸部护理后,我从镜子里发现自己的肌肤变明亮了!摸一摸,很开心我的皮肤在祛除死皮细胞后,竟然变滑了! 建议: 要保持皮肤做完脸部护理后那种嫩滑,最好每三周做一次。

      NUYOU – MARCH 2011

      美白能手 - 维生素C 不难发现,这些食材主要成分正是维生素C,它是公认最安全有效的美白成分。 P.S. 小小一支 Jet Concepts Spot White 淡斑素就含多达六种抗氧剂和维生素C。

      CLEO – MARCH 2011

      Homegrown Jet Concepts is a one-stop beauty emporium featuring products and facials that promise the same results as a treatment by an aesthetic clinic. Their secret weapon is Jet-M, a machine developed by a Russian rocket scientist that uses supersonic pressure to deliver active ingredients to the skin. A must-try is Spot White, Purple Peel, and the Jet Pure Hyal treatment for 60 minutes.


      Facials at Jet Concepts, for instance, employ the Jet M machine developed by a Russian rocket scientist using aviation technology. Originally developed for cleaning wounds during medical operations, it was later modified for use in facials where it uses supersonic pressure to painlessly deliver oxygen, hyaluronic acid and other actives deep into the skin via finely tuned and carefully calibrated air jets. The result is accelerated cell renewal, wound healing and detoxification.