Jet PR3 Facial - Jet Concepts. Singapore Beauty TreatmentsJet Concepts’ Most Powerful Anti-Ageing Aesthetic Facial


You’ve slathered on some of the priciest skin care in the market, they don’t work much magic on your skin, and you can’t figure out why.

One reason may be that your skin is clogged, so the active ingredients can’t penetrate deep into skin. Another reason may be that the concentration of active ingredients is not high enough to warrant key benefits.

Jet Concepts has the answer in its Jet PR3 Facial – named for its ability to protect, repair, regenerate and revitalise skin.

This hour-long treatment intensely cleanses and preps skin before rejuvenating it with a dual light-energy treatment that promotes cell healing and fights inflammation, and nourishing it with our extremely active Liquid Laser Essence.

You’ll leave with instantly brighter and more luminous skin that lasts up to a month! Have you tried it?


Protect, Repair, Regenerate & Revitalise

This 60-minute treatment offers not only deep and thorough cleansing with the Jet Stream device, but also the first dual wavelength light treatment in Singapore that delivers both red and infrared light energies into skin.


Jet Stream is used to clear sebum, dead skin cells and dirt from deep within pores. With blockages out of the way, this preps the skin to fully benefit from the Liquid Laser Essence – a spa-grade solution that contains high levels of apple stem cells, hexapeptides, active hyaluronic acid and caviar.

Liquid Laser Essence is applied and massaged into skin during this step. A water-based product, the essence contains highly active ingredients with regenerative properties.

The industry’s first dual wavelength light, the Jet Dual Ray blasts powerful red and infrared light energies to stimuate skin cells to receive the benefits of the essence and double the absorption of its active ingredients. This procedure takes about 20 minutes, and rounds off with a refreshing acupressure massage.



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