I can see my skin gradually become more stable & even. Most importantly, my scars were lightened. Jet Concepts managed to help me lighten them over the weeks. I was quite impressed, and it's painless and it's so clean! Watch the full review here.

Insurance Agent 

Andreana Ong

I like Jet Concepts' service and their politeness. The Therapist is clear in explaining steps in facial. I can even share my package with my family members.



I'm most satisfied with Jet Concepts' professional service. There's no hard sell and they will respect customer’s decision.  I go away with more moisturized skin, brighter skin tone, and less acne.

Leasing Executive 


I like how fuss-free the entire process is with a pre- & post-consultation to confirm on the types of treatments & their effects. I now have clearer fairer skin. There's no squeezing (compared to other facial boutiques) or redness (downtime). I love that there's no hard-selling and that the treatments are effective.



The treatment time is as per stated, prices are fixed as well. The treatments are effective and results are visible. The staff are all professional and the steps taken by each therapist are quite standardized. This makes me feel reassured every visit.



Treatments are relatively fast and results are visible; no long waiting times and staffs are all friendly and efficient. I now enjoy better complexion overall, improved self confidence, and more savings as prices are affordable.

Refinery Technician 


Amazing results & impeccable service. I’m in good hands. Now, I have better complexion, amazing products to use, and am not afraid to go out without makeup. I would recommend Jet Concepts to others as one is able to see results immediately after 1 session. I wouldn't trust any other skincare centers with my face. =)



The staff are all very friendly and welcoming. I have more even and brighter skin tone. My skin feels smoother and looks less tired.

Civil Servant 


The condition of my skin improved and I have a better knowledge of skincare. The staff at Jet Concepts is very friendly and provides top-notch service, which makes my facials comfortable experiences.



Thank you for the awesome Jet PR3 Facial, leaving my skin glow and radiant for this coming Chinese New Year!


Crane Han - Jet Concepts Jet PR3 Facial

Every visit was very pleasant. The service was sincere and I could see the positive effects on my skin. I love the good quality products from Jet Concepts that are at reasonable pricing.



The facials are very painless and comfortable, and yet I see a lot of results in terms of improvement in my skin condition. I like how my Therapist make recommendations on suitable facials to do, depending on my skin condition at that time.



I like the professional attitude of the staff at Jet Concepts and their genuine concern for my skin.



After 3 months of treatment, I have less oily skin and not much breakouts. My skin has become smoother and brighter, with less pimples and smaller pores. I would recommend Jet Concepts to others. They excel in soothing and comfortable treatments with driven results.



I like the variety of treatments and package options at Jet Concepts. It's easy to fix appointments. Their treatments are very effective without any redness or downtime after. My skin is fairer & more hydrated with less severe breakouts.




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