The Royal Treatment


If there is one facial every true blue Singaporean should try, it’s the Purple Facial. This efficacious beauty SOS treatment enhances the benefits of purple orchid extract in the Jet Purple Peel with a little prep work using the Jet M machine.

Jet Concepts Skincare - Purple Peel OrchidNative to the humid grasslands and alpine mountains stretching from Europe to Asia Minor, the purple orchid is not only a glorious sight to behold; it is also packed with powerful antioxidants, polyphenols. Polyphenols are more powerful than vitamin C, and sweep up reactive oxygen species responsible for skin ageing. With bio-protective properties, they also prevent the degradation of collagen in the skin, and offer skin smoothing and anti-inflammatory properties to boot!

Designed by a rocket scientist, the Jet M uses oxygen and saline in a gaseous form at supersonic speed to offer deep cleansing and light exfoliation benefits, and prompt lymphatic drainage. A thin layer of Jet Purple Peel is then slathered on to further exfoliate dead skin cells and jumpstart your skin renewal process.

An invigorating acupressure massage lends a finishing touch to the facial, before a mask is applied based on your unique skin needs. Stressed skin will be soothed with a cucumber mask, tired skin will enjoy a revitalizing peptide mask, and acne-prone skin will be calmed with an antibacterial tea tree mask.

After the Purple Peel, newly exfoliated skin literally soaks up the skin food in these masks, giving you glowing skin for three to four weeks after!


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