Jet Concepts - Top 5 Travel Beauty Essentials

It’s easy to effortlessly look good while travelling. Travel smart and gracefully with these flight-friendly tips!


Pack as many beauty products which can multitask, such as a lip tint that could double-up as a cheek stain. Cream colour bases won’t spill or break, and the nude shade is great for brightening up the eyes, and highlighting cheeks. Avoid lipsticks, which can dry lips, and are a hassle to reapply. Stick to glosses and lip balms to keep those smackers moisturised.



To cope with icky, greasy hair during your travel, pack dry shampoo, which not only cleans and deodorises hair, but also helps boost volume for limp hair. You can use baby powder too, but you’d have to give hair a good comb-through to remove the hasty white residue. Alternatively, keep hair up with chic barrettes and pins, so don’t forget to pack those.



You probably know how to dress comfortably for a flight, but you don’t want to look sloppy when you get off the plane. Avoid fabrics which get wrinkly easily, such as linen or polyester silks.


Jet Concepts Skincare - Calming Antioxidant MistFRESHEN UP

The dry cabin air can take a toll on skin, so make sure you rehydrate.  Drink plenty of fluids, and replenish physcial moisture on skin by spritzing on facial mist. For instantly soft and hydrated skin, use the Jet Calming Antioxidant Mist, a peptide- and antioxidant-rich product to refresh, soothe and protect skin under all conditions. Best part? It’s flight-friendly at 30ml!



Pack blotting papers and dab the T-Zone as often as necessary. The dry cabin air tends to dehydrate skin, kicking it into overdrive mode to rehydrate. Blotting papers dab up the excess oil without stripping skin of essential moisture, leaving you fresh-faced.