Jet Concepts - Jet Pure Hyal Facial
Jet Pure Hyal

Duration: 60 minutes

Jet Pure Hyal is an award-winning fave that delivers immediate hydration with a needleless infusion of hyaluronic acid in its purest form. Finely-tuned and carefully calibrated air-jets deliver the super-moisturizing ingredient directly into skin and you get instantly radiant skin that is more even-toned, more elastic and more refined!


    • Improve microcirculation
    • Lymphatic drainage to remove toxins
    • Exfoliate skin
    • Pain-free, needleless infusion of Pure Hyal using finely-tuned and carefully calibrated air-jets
    • Diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & spots
    • More refined skin with even skin tone and improved elasticity
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