Jet Rejuvenating Peptide Mask Sheet

Jet Concepts co-founder Gladys Cheng spills all on the Rejuvenating Peptide Mask.


Jet Concepts Skincare - Rejuvenating Peptide MaskThe Rejuvenating Peptide Mask‘s most defining quality is that it rids skin of fine lines and wrinkles.

It is made of a unique biocellulose gel sheet that holds significantly more ingredients and remains infinitely moister than a paper mask. The mask contains copious amounts of Argireline, commonly known as a topical Botox alternative, which must be used for an extended period of time (20-30 minutes) to be efficacious – so it can penetrate skin and relax those muscle fibers. This is why it is so efficient in removing fine lines and wrinkles.

The Peptide Mask also diminishes the formation of wrinkles by rehydrating skin with hyaluronic acid (which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water)!



The results are almost instantaneous! Upon removal of the mask, skin texture will look visibly different; it will be smoother, due to the softening of fine lines and wrinkles; it will look plump, supple and refreshed, due to the process of skin rehydration. We recommend using the mask once or twice a week in order to attain, maintain and capitalise on its benefits over time.



We always try to picture a new product or procedure from a customer’s perspective. As a consumer, I’d expect quality, safety and effectiveness to be key: the best and most effective active ingredients, products with low levels of preservatives, and nothing harsh that could potential aggravate skin.

Jet Concepts Skincare - Sebo Clear CleanserWe also consider what can be done to help the product perform at its optimum level. For example, during the development of our Sebo Clear Cleanser, besides ensuring the removal of oil and impurities, we also made sure skin wouldn’t be stripped bare, leaving it dry and susceptible to the formation of more oil.

This is the minimum for all our products and services, because our customers are of paramount importance, and because we feel skin should be well taken care of.


Post-Party Skin Rescue

A packed social calendar is fabulous for the holiday season but not so good for the skin. Parties and entertaining can stress it out, leaving it looking tired, sallow and puffy.

Give after-party skin that extra SOS attention with these 3 tips!


1. Get Rid of Toxins

The most crucial step after partying is to remove toxins, which accumulate in your body when the liver is loaded up heavily with alcohol and rich foods. These toxins will be expelled through your skin, giving you a tired, pallid complexion, a puffy face, and breakouts.

The solution? The Jet Facial – an ultra-cooling treatment which exfoliates, tones and brightens by blasting skin-saving, detoxifying oxygen and saline at supersonic speed onto the face. This painless facial also promotes lymphatic drainage, which will eliminate that puffy, after-party look.


Jet Clear Range2. Fight Breakouts

Pimples are a main post-party woe for many. Stick to a back-to-basics skincare routine and gentle antiseptic products that will help clear skin without stressing it out – like our Jet Clear range!


3. Regenerate Skin

After giving skin a good detox, a jolt into regeneration will help bring back that pre-party glow!

Jet Cell Restore - LED Light Therapy TreatmentThe Jet Cell Restore treatment helps rejuvenate, repair and restore skin using state-of-the-art LED lamps. This treatment powers the skin cells, stimulates collagen production and creates a healthy skin matrix.

The Cell Restore offers 3 different LED lights to target different cellular functions – red light to fuel cells, blue light to kill bacteria, thus reducing acne, and infrared light to heal wounds and reduce inflammation.

The best part about this treatment? Skin continues to be rejuvenated, even days after the treatment!


Jet Concepts Pre-Party Skin Prep Tips

Get gorgeous and ready to party!

Healthy skin always looks as if it’s glowing from within. These 3 fail-safe steps will help you achieve radiant, party-ready skin in no time!


Jet Concepts Whitening Range - Jet White1. Erase Dark Spots

Want an even skin tone? The Jet White range, designed for fairer, brighter skin, holds the keys to success. The White Hydrator uses the latest ‘Quick Break’ technology to release Arbutin and Vitamin C, known powerful whitening ingredients, to lighten skin. To fight skin pigmentation, try the Jet Spot White, which will ultimately give you a more even complexion.


2. Battle Dullness

Dead skin cells can make your complexion look dull and sallow. Exfoliate at least once a week to reveal fresh skin with the Jet Purple Peel. It’s a powerful yet gentle peel containing extracts of the purple orchid to slough off dead skin cells, hydrate skin, shield skin from ultraviolet radiation and pollution, and stimulate cellular renewal.


3. Plumped to Perfection

Get youthful, supple skin with the Jet PureHyal, our ultra-luxe facial treatment which uses the signature Jet M machine to infuse pure hyaluronic acid into skin.