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Lighten pigmentation and achieve fairer, even-toned skin with Jet Glow.

The Jet Glow uses intense pulse light (IPL therapy) to help those with pigmentation or uneven skin tones achieve even, clearer skin.

IPL therapy works by penetrating skin and targeting cells with color (also known as chromophores). The energy delivered is then absorbed by these cells and converted to lighten and rejuvenate skin in a non-invasive, no downtime manner. This method of skin rejuvenation is relatively painless too so if you’ve been looking to restore your skin’s youth but have been turned off by the promise of pain, this treatment is perfect for you.

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产后脸上才长斑,所以平日没有化妆时,我会全天补用防晒霜做足预防。有空的话,每星期我会到 Jet Concepts 美容中心做不同护理,如 Jet Glow 或 IPL 等,使皮肤散发年轻光泽。
-  Low Jyue Huey,化妆师