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The same way the sun provides energy for plants, the light energy from the Jet Cell Restore treatment powers skin cells, stimulates collagen production and creates a healthy skin matrix.

The treatment offers three different LED lights to target different cellular functions – red light to fuel cells, blue light to kill bacteria, thus reducing acne, and infra-red light to heal wounds and reduce inflammation. These LED light colors have different wavelengths that correspond to the peak absorption of respective cellular functions. That’s how they activate skin cells to achieve specific skin-saving benefits.

Jet Cell Restore - LED Light Therapy Treatment




Developed by a former Russian rocket scientist, this cutting-edge piece of technology delivers saline and oxygen in a gaseous form at supersonic speed to cleanse, buff and prompt lymphatic drainage. Since dead skin cells reflect light, sloughing them off helps prep the skin for optimal absorption of the LED light to come.

The Jet-M machine then infuses the skin with key actives depending on your specific skincare needs – a high-performance vitamins A & E serum for exfoliating and revitalising benefits; vitamin B5 for acne-prone skin; or glycolic acid to soften, smoothen and even out skin.

Once skin has been properly prepped, intense LED light is shone on skin for 20 minutes to accelerate cellular function. Skin then continues to repair itself at accelerated speed even days after the treatment!

To wrap the session on an indulgent note, a quick acupressure massage is deftly performed, making the Jet Cell Restore a treat for both your skin and senses!


Singapore Women's Weekly Spa Awards 2015 - Best LED Facial

Jet Concepts Jet Cell Restore is the winner of the Best LED Facial in Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2015.

In the same way the sun provides energy for plants, Jet Concepts provides skin cells with light energy through the powerful Jet Cell Restore. This LED light treatment offers 700 LED bulbs with three different lights to target different cell functions. The red light fuels cells with energy to work, blue light helps in killing bacteria and reducing acne, and infra-red light aids in wound healing and reducing inflammation. After the intense LED light has been shone for 20 minutes, skin continues to repair itself at accelerated speed even days after the treatment!