The facial for dull, dehydrated visages


The Jet Pure Hyal is an award-winning fave that delivers immediate hydration with a needleless infusion of hyaluronic acid in its purest form. The finely-tuned and carefully calibrated air-jets deliver hyaluronic acid directly into skin so that skin can maintain healthy levels of the super-moisturizing ingredient.

The results? Improved elasticity, diminishing of fine lines, spots and wrinkles, more refined skin, a more even skin tone… you name it!


The 3 Star Benefits


As with all Jet Concepts Treatments, this starts with cleansing using the Jet-M machine, and moves on to boost blood circulation with the Jet Lymph Drainage.

Plasma light energy exfoliates skin and ‘awakens’ skin cells in the second step, so skin is flushed, brightened and prepped to receive Pure Hyal in its most optimal condition.

Doctors can inject hyaluronic acid into your skin, but Jet Concepts offers a pain-free alternative! It uses finely-tuned and carefully calibrated air-jets to deliver Pure Hyal directly into skin so that skin can maintain healthy levels of the super-moisturising ingredient. The Pure Hyal is then sealed into skin with the application of a cold mask.

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ready, jet set, go!

Get radiant skin instantly with Jet Concepts’ star facial for tired, dull and dehydrated skin. The Jet PureHyal delivers pure hyaluronic acid to skin at supersonic speeds using the Jet-M machine – invented by a Russian rocket scientist! First, the machine cleans skin and boosts circulation. Next, a soft peel using a plasma light energy machine exfoliates and preps skin to receive the super-moisturising nutrient, delivered to you via special jets. There’s a little discomfort as the machines do their work, but it’s nothing compared to a hyaluronic acid injection. A soothing cold mask ends your treatment.


Facials’ New Frontier

Gone are the days when facials were simply done with the hands. The Jet Concepts special feature lies in the Jet-M machine, created by a Russian rocket scientist. Therapists undergo several months of training before they can operate the device on patrons.

Their latest treatment, the Jet PureHyal facial works wonders for a dull complexion. Firstly, pressurised gas and oxygen is emitted through the Jet-M hand-piece to cleanse my face. Imagine a cool mist of air on your skin. My therapist first worked on my left profile, moving the hand-piece upwards from my chin for a lifted and sculpted effect.

This was followed by the jet lymph drainage and plasma light energy. Once that is done, I noticed my skin looked brighter. She repeated the same on my right. I was then given a neck and shoulder massage with a calm-inducing scented oil. Next she used the Jet-M machine infused with PureHyal or hyaluronic acid. Only then did I feel a slight tingling sensation as the acid molecules penetrate deeper through the epidermis thanks to the supersonic speed of the jet. Lastly, a cold mask seals in the PureHyal. By the end of the session, my skin was supple and looked clearer. Later, makeup went on smoothly. I actually felt refreshed and the results were pleasing indeed.



Get An Oxygen Facial

The latest trend in non-invasive facials uses pressurised oxygen to deliver nutrients deep into skin. While the air pressure removes dead skin cells, oxygen stimulates collagen production to tighten skin, so you’ll leave the salon with visibly tauter, lifted skin.

Jet Concepts: Their Jet Pure Hyal facial “injects” hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of your skin to plump it up and hydrate it from within.


A high-performance facial, it uses a Jet Lymph Drainage machine to boost blood circulation – this feels like a vacuum cleaner on your skin. Calibrated air jets then deliver Pure Hyal (to brighten and moisturise) deep into your skin, and finally a cold mask seals in all the nutrients. Skin was softer to the touch, visibly lifted and brightened.


Must-Try Treatment – Jet Pure Hyal

Does it feel like you’re in a high-tech torture chamber every time you go for a facial with a fancy machine? Well, this one here blocks out all that terrible noise with a pair of earplugs. The Jet-M machine uses supersonic, pressurised gas to perform a number of procedures like exfoliation and extraction. Hyaluronic acid – the IT moisturising ingredient – is fed to your skin using a needle-free method.

The result? Softer, brighter and cleaner skin with a more zen mind.



护理新贵 Jet Concepts 利用航空科技而研发的脸部护理仪器,为顾客做祛除死皮细胞和深层渗透皮肤精华素的脸部护理 Jet Facial

Uni-sex 概念的 Jet Concepts 室内装潢和产品设计等都很中性,不会让男性顾客觉得别扭。


由于我选的是 Jet Hyal 脸部护理,加入透明质酸等高效护肤元素,所以有小小刺痛。


建议: 要保持皮肤做完脸部护理后那种嫩滑,最好每三周做一次。


THE FACIAL: Jet Pure Hyal

WHAT: Developed by a Russian rocket scientist, the air-jet facial machine uses pressurised gas to deliver active ingredients into the skin at supersonic speeds. This facial infuses hyaluronic acid, a natural tissue-repair fluid that diminishes with age, into the skin.

BEST FOR: Dull, sagging skin.

WOW FACTOR: Skin feels more supple and firm after the treatment.

OW FACTOR: Expect a tingling sensation during the infusion – it’s caused by the penetration of the acid molecules through the outer layers of skin.