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If there is one facial every true blue Singaporean should try, it’s the Purple Facial. This efficacious beauty SOS treatment enhances the benefits of purple orchid extract in the Jet Purple Peel with a little prep work using the Jet M machine.

Jet Concepts Skincare - Purple Peel OrchidNative to the humid grasslands and alpine mountains stretching from Europe to Asia Minor, the purple orchid is not only a glorious sight to behold; it is also packed with powerful antioxidants, polyphenols. Polyphenols are more powerful than vitamin C, and sweep up reactive oxygen species responsible for skin ageing. With bio-protective properties, they also prevent the degradation of collagen in the skin, and offer skin smoothing and anti-inflammatory properties to boot!

Designed by a rocket scientist, the Jet M uses oxygen and saline in a gaseous form at supersonic speed to offer deep cleansing and light exfoliation benefits, and prompt lymphatic drainage. A thin layer of Jet Purple Peel is then slathered on to further exfoliate dead skin cells and jumpstart your skin renewal process.

An invigorating acupressure massage lends a finishing touch to the facial, before a mask is applied based on your unique skin needs. Stressed skin will be soothed with a cucumber mask, tired skin will enjoy a revitalizing peptide mask, and acne-prone skin will be calmed with an antibacterial tea tree mask.

After the Purple Peel, newly exfoliated skin literally soaks up the skin food in these masks, giving you glowing skin for three to four weeks after!

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Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and glowing

Jet Concepts’ Purple Facial starts with deep cleansing using oxygen and saline gas, then application of Jet Purple Peel, which has salicylic acid, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.


The Jet Purple Facial combines the Jet Purple Peel with Jet Concept’s signature Jet Facial treatment to make your skin even more beautiful and radiant.

The Purple Peel is made from purple orchid extract that has bio-protective properties that inhibit the disintegration of the skin’s matrix. It also has Polysaccharides to soothe the skin and smooth fine lines, while polyphenols slow down the process of aging. According to Jet Concepts, regular use will result in the stimulation of collagen, brighter skin, an even skin tone, and less wrinkles.

Rating: 4/5

“If you’re looking to get a radiant glow with a facial, this might be the one for you. My glow was achieved painlessly and lasted for a week.

My skin was first given a deep cleanse and light exfoliation with the Jet M Machine. The best part? The machine never touched my face.

The machine was designed by a rocket scientist and it uses oxygen and saline in a gaseous form that works at supersonic speed to deep cleanse your skin. All you’ll feel is cool and moist sensation on the area of skin that the therapist is working on. My skin felt refreshed instantly.

Next, the therapist applies a thin layer of the Jet Purple Peel to further exfoliate dead skin cells and to help jumpstart your skin renewal process. I was warned that I might feel some tingling but I didn’t.

For the finishing touch, a mask chosen based on your skin needs will be applied. I enjoyed a very soothing and cooling cucumber mask which energised and calmed my skin at the same time.

In a short 45 minutes, my skin was visibly more radiant.

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Shiok Singapore Facials – The Purple Facial

BEST BITS: “I enjoyed a 10-minute blast with Jet-M, a machine that emits jets of oxygen through a pen-like handpiece. It felt cooling and helped to exfoliate, improve lymphatic drainage and help skincare products penetrate deeper into skin. My skin was well cleansed and became smoother and more radiant. Next, a purple peel made with purple orchids (said to be rich in antioxidants) was applied for 15 minutes. When it was wiped off, my complexion was visibly brighter and colleagues commented that my skin glowed – even two days after.” – Melissa Chew, senior beauty writer


Jet Concepts 45-minute Purple Facial – The purple orchid extract, a powerful free radical fighter, works with their Jet M machine that uses oxygen and saline in a gaseous form at supersonic speed to deep cleanse and lightly exfoliate. Jet Purple Peel with  the same purple orchid extract is applied to further exfoliate dead skin cells and jumpstart your skin’s renewal process. An invigorating acupressure massage follows before the application of a mask. Your skin will be renewed and glow ethereally for the next few weeks.



本地美容院Jet Concepts引入俄罗斯火箭科学家研发出的特别仪器,通过氧气高气压法将护理盐水(saline)分裂成细幼分子,深层洁净脸部毛孔。


Purple A-peel

Jet Concept’s Purple Facial not only revives tired skin with a blast of oxygen, it also sloughs off dead skin with the exfoliating Jet Purple Peel (a botanical extract of the purple orchid) for a fresh-faced glow.


Glow with local beauty brand Jet Concepts’ all-new skincare treatments with purple orchid extract that combat the effects of ageing.