The guiding tenets at Jet Concepts are efficiency, immediacy, and value for money. Over here, you have the luxury of choosing from a bevy of results-driven yet cost-efficient treatments using top aesthetic devices to match both your needs and your budget.

  • Jet Concepts PR3 Facial
  • Jet PR3 Facial

    Jet Concepts’ most powerful anti-ageing aesthetic facial works magic on your skin with its ability to Protect, Repair, Regenerate and Revitalise skin. It rejuvenates skin & promotes cell healing with a dual light-energy treatment.

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  • Jet Concepts Jet Infra-Red Facial
  • Jet Infra-Red

    Jet Infra-Red helps reverse signs of aging by rebuilding and maintaining a healthy collagen layer. Infra-red energy stimulates the formation of new collagen and allows skin to tighten even after the treatment is over.

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  • Jet Concepts - Jet Facial
  • Jet Facial

    The multiple award-winning Jet Facial features rocket science technology to deliver active ingredients to your skin at supersonic pressure via a contactless handpiece to give you instant benefits to the inner layers of your skin.

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  • Jet Concepts Jet Purple Facial
  • Jet Purple Facial

    This beauty SOS treatment enhances the benefits of purple orchid extract in Jet Purple Peel to brighten, nourish & protect your skin. Packed with powerful polyphenols, you enjoy glowing skin for 3 to 4 weeks after!

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  • Jet Concepts Skin Tightening Facial
  • Jet Radiofrequency

    Non-invasive, safe & painless, Jet Skin Tightening battles saggy jowls and improves firmness. Radiofrequency energy is delivered deep into skin, without harming its outer layers, to remodel its collagen matrix and beat the sag.

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  • Jet Concepts Jet Glow Facial
  • Jet Glow

    Lighten pigmentation and achieve fairer, even-toned skin with Jet Glow. Intense pulse light (IPL therapy) penetrates skin and targets cells with color to lighten and rejuvenate skin in a non-invasive, no downtime manner.

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  • Jet Concepts Facial - Jet Cell Lift
  • Jet Cell Lift

    Utilizing the latest polarized bio-active current technology, Jet Cell Lift effectively primes skin, boosts blood circulation and stimulates cells to restore a healthy cellular environment. It balances the pH for over-lasered skin.

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  • Jet Concepts LED Facial - Jet Cell Restore
  • Jet Cell Restore

    Jet Cell Restore offers 3 LED lights to target different cellular functions and activate skin cells to achieve specific skin-saving benefits, stimulate collagen production and create a healthy skin matrix.

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  • Jet Concepts - Jet Pure Hyal Facial
  • Jet Pure Hyal

    An award-winning fave, Jet Pure Hyal delivers immediate hydration with a needleless infusion of hyaluronic acid in its purest form. Finely-calibrated air-jets deliver Pure Hyal directly into skin for instant radiance and elasticity!

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  • Jet Concepts Jet Pure Peptide Facial
  • Jet Pure Peptide

    Jet Pure Peptide uses finely-tuned air-jets to deliver pure hexapeptides, copper tripeptides 
and arginine directly into skin to smooth out wrinkles, awaken cells and provide anti-aging protection to give you newly transformed skin.

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  • Jet Concepts Jet Pure Vit C Facial
  • Jet Pure Vit C

    Carefully tuned air-jets deliver pure Vitamin C into your skin to boost antioxidant protection and lighten skin – all in one sitting!  It starts off with stimulation of the lymphatic system to remove toxins before the infusion of actives.

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  • Jet Concepts Facial Jet Peel Express
  • Jet Peel Express

    Jet Peel Express is suitable for both acne-prone skin and normal skin. Dry up acne, purify pores and heal acne-prone skin with an acne peel. For normal skin, this 30-min treatment brightens & nourishes skin with antioxidants.

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  • Wedding Facial Packages - Jet Concepts
  • Weddings

    Your ultimate wedding skin prep! Tap into our rocket science technology and be on your way to pristine luminosity for your big day. What’s more? Couples can share the these packages too!

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