• White Hydrator - Jet Concepts
  • White Hydrator

    A scientific marvel, White Hydrator is a daily hydrating gel for sensitive, dry or combination skin. Its "Quick Break" delivery system effectively penetrates skin to hydrate, soften and lighten.

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  • Spot White - Jet Concepts
  • Spot White

    Double the whitening dosage to lighten pigmentation! Spot White contains 2 forms of Vitamin C for maximum effectiveness - one to rapidly penetrate skin, and a slow-release one to suppress melanin synthesis.

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  • Purifying White Cleanser - Jet Concepts
  • Purifying White Cleanser

    Cleanse, Protect & Whiten! Purifying White Cleanser's key ingredients Vitamin C Ascorbyl Glucoside and amino acids allow skin to be lightened, brightened and moisturized - all while cleansing.

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  • Astringent White Toner - Jet Concepts
  • Astringent White Toner

    Astringent White Toner is anti-inflammatory, aids in pore tightening, and lightens and brightens skin. It contains Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C Ascorbyl Gluscoside and amino acids for all its skin-loving properties.

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  • White Essence - Jet Concepts
  • White Essence

    An overall skin lightening potion, White Essence contains 6 different whitening ingredients, Arbutin being one of them, to battle the darkening of skin from all spectrums.

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