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The orchid, known to some as the royal family of plants, has been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth. With its long existence comes a fascinating heritage, the most common of which is its association with love and beauty.

Vanda Miss Joaquim, a purple orchid hybrid was chosen as Singapore’s national flower in 1981. Since then, purple orchids have been a symbol of Singapore’s exotic beauty.

Purple Peel is your beauty equivalent of the Singapore Sling – a ‘Uniquely Singapore’ cocktail that quenches parched skin and rejuvenates it.

For the first time, this mild peel features the purple orchid, which goes beyond sloughing off dead skin cells to hydrate dry skin, shield it from ultraviolet radiation and pollution, and stimulate cellular renewal. Expect instant radiance, supple skin and reduced fine lines.

Jet Concepts Skincare - Purple Peel OrchidBio-Protective Properties for Renewal & Protection


Made from purple orchid extract, the Purple Peel inhibits the disintegration of the skin’s matrix. Polysaccharides present soothe the skin and smoothen fine lines, while polyphenols slow down the process of aging. Amino acid and hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates and salicylic acid exfoliate and stimulates growth from the layers within.

Suitable for all skin types except those with skin problems like eczema. Regular use will result in the stimulation of collagen, brighter skin, an even skin tone, and less wrinkles.

Home Use: Apply weekly for 15 minutes and rinse.



Jet Concepts Purple Peel is the winner of the Gentlest At-Home Peel in Cosmopolitan Beauty Grand Prix 2012.

Easy to use, it leaves skin feeling smoother and clearer. Doesn’t cause redness or itching.

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Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and glowing

Jet Concepts’ Purple Facial starts with deep cleansing using oxygen and saline gas, then application of Jet Purple Peel, which has salicylic acid, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.


The Jet Purple Facial combines the Jet Purple Peel with Jet Concept’s signature Jet Facial treatment to make your skin even more beautiful and radiant.

The Purple Peel is made from purple orchid extract that has bio-protective properties that inhibit the disintegration of the skin’s matrix. It also has Polysaccharides to soothe the skin and smooth fine lines, while polyphenols slow down the process of aging. According to Jet Concepts, regular use will result in the stimulation of collagen, brighter skin, an even skin tone, and less wrinkles.

Rating: 4/5

“If you’re looking to get a radiant glow with a facial, this might be the one for you. My glow was achieved painlessly and lasted for a week.

My skin was first given a deep cleanse and light exfoliation with the Jet M Machine. The best part? The machine never touched my face.

The machine was designed by a rocket scientist and it uses oxygen and saline in a gaseous form that works at supersonic speed to deep cleanse your skin. All you’ll feel is cool and moist sensation on the area of skin that the therapist is working on. My skin felt refreshed instantly.

Next, the therapist applies a thin layer of the Jet Purple Peel to further exfoliate dead skin cells and to help jumpstart your skin renewal process. I was warned that I might feel some tingling but I didn’t.

For the finishing touch, a mask chosen based on your skin needs will be applied. I enjoyed a very soothing and cooling cucumber mask which energised and calmed my skin at the same time.

In a short 45 minutes, my skin was visibly more radiant.

For the full review: http://www.herworldplus.com/beauty/tried-tested/beauty-tried-tested-jet-concept’s-jet-purple-facial



胡姬花除了是新加坡国花,也具美容效果。Jet Concepts推出美容界的 “Singapore Sling”, 即独特的紫胡姬花的美容面膜护理系列。除了到店里 “做脸”,也能在家中自行护理。

Jet Purple Peel 能去除死皮,保湿增加水分,所含的多酚 (polyphenols) 有助抗氧化,使皮肤嫩滑。每周使用一次,抹待15分钟,然后洗净。


Purple A-peel

Jet Concept’s Purple Facial not only revives tired skin with a blast of oxygen, it also sloughs off dead skin with the exfoliating Jet Purple Peel (a botanical extract of the purple orchid) for a fresh-faced glow.


Designed for at-home use, Jet Concepts Purple Peel rejuvenates skin with the purple orchid, a natural antioxidant. Gentler than conventional peels, it hydrates skin with amino acids and minerals and exfoliates with glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Best used a day or two before that important dinner.